To get the most accurate UBeeO™ results, we recommend testing during the nectar flow in your area. You may still test during a dearth but hygienic performance may be reduced.
Don’t sweat it! Low UBeeO™ scores do not guarantee that your hives will fail although you may have to keep a closer eye on them. Learn more about your management options here.

If you feel that something went wrong during the testing process, we recommend waiting one week before retesting a hive. 

Our research has shown a priming effect – that is, workers temporarily become more responsive to the UBeeO mix after exposure. Allow a week before retesting ensures that you are getting the most accurate UBeeO results.

Our UBeeO™ mix is based on pheromones produced by brood naturally in the hive.

Usually you will find brood recapped within a day or two after testing. However, if workers happen to detect something wrong with brood in the test area, workers will perform hygienic behavior and remove the brood from the hive.