A Revolutionary Solution for Rapidly Predicting and Improving Hive Health

UBeeO™ is the fastest and safest test to accurately predict a hive’s ability to self-manage mites and disease

UBeeO™ is a groundbreaking new tool for beekeepers, queen breeders, and researchers, designed to accurately predict a hive’s ability to self-manage mites and disease. By simulating a brief, harmless mite infestation and measuring the hive’s response, UBeeO™ allows you to assess the hive’s performance of hygienic behavior – a vital aspect of maintaining strong, healthy colonies.

UBeeO™ is based on a decade of research into the pheromones and behaviors used by honey bees to communicate and maintain the health of the hive.

Unhealthy brood emit special pheromones that signal to other bees when they are stressed by mites and disease

Adult bees throughout the hive are able to detect these pheromones and enact hygienic behavior to remove the affected brood from the hive.

This process, known as hygienic behavior, helps to reduce the burden of mites and disease within the colony. Some hives are naturally more hygienic than others due to their genetics.

With UBeeO™, you can identify the hives that are more hygienic so that you can breed healthier, more mite resistant hives.

Based on BIOLOGY,

backed by RESEARCH

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UBeeO™ is a blend of naturally occurring brood pheromones that allows you to easily and accurately measure the hygienic ability of your hive. When sprayed onto capped brood, the UBeeO™ mix harmlessly simulates a mite infestation, triggering the hive’s hygienic response. After just two hours, you can calculate the hive’s UBeeO™ Score based on the number of uncapped cells – the higher the score, the more hygienic a hive is. Scores are broken down into three categories:


Low UBeeO™ Score



Medium UBeeO™ Score



High UBeeO™ Score

With UBeeO™ you can:

  • Easily select top breeder queens based on UBeeO™ Score
  • Improve stock quality over time by selectively breeding from hives with high UBeeO scores
  • Verify the hygienic ability of daughter queens before mite loads peak
  • Optimize season planning for migratory pollination, making splits, feeding, and more
  • Moderate the use of certain miticides to protect the reproductive health of your queens and drones
  • Isolate hives based on UBeeO scores to reduce mite bomb events
  • Improve survival chances for low scoring UBeeO™ hives by implementing your mite management strategy up to 6 months earlier